Meat, cured meats and hams, oil and wine from our farm

The Butchers Shop close to Montalcino is in a busy spot in Sant’Angelo Scalo.  It is a place where those with a passion for good food simply have to stop.

The Poggio Stenti Bottega

Excellent meat, typical and rare cured meats and sausages, all artisan products checked personally by Carlo; ammazzafegato [spiced sausage] and the most delicious salamis in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, it is the hams, the famous “prosciutti di Carlo”, well-seasoned and meticulously monitored, that are, according to many, the ‘strength’ of the shop, which has worked since 1984 with constant respect for the founding aims of Carlo Pieri: short production chain, to offer customers only products of which he knows the complete history; guaranteed quality, achieved only by respecting tradition with regard to raw materials and, at the same time, applying state-of-the-art production processes; tracking, animals bred personally and feeds cultivated on the estate are Carlo’s ‘winning card’.

Extra virgin olive oil Poggio Stenti

The Poggio Stenti olive grove extends for a hectare all around the farm and produces Leccino and Frantoiano olives. The oil obtained is the fruit of the selection and of the blend of the best of these olives, which are all strictly picked by hand. Its aroma tells the story of a long tradition that dates back to ancient times. Poggio Stenti extra virgin olive oil contains all the perfumes and flavours of this sweet and sunny land.
Bright greenish colour with luminous golden highlights. Great fruity and herbaceous intensity in the nose, with notes of green almond, thistle and dill to enhance the overall effect. In the mouth there is a sense of integrity, balance between the taste components and a savoury sensation, with a persistent and spicily suave finish.

The red gold of the Val d’Orcia

Eleonora, the youngest of the Pieri family, has recently embarked on a new adventure, revaluating the tradition, interrupted in the sixteenth century, of saffron cultivation in Val d’Orcia. This precious spice is mainly used in the kitchen, but also for healing purposes, as it is rich in antioxidants.

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