one eye on the land and the other on the future

The Pieri family have distant origins, but only in terms of time. The name of the estate, Poggio Stenti, refers to the harshness of farming life in the Montenero d’Orcia district, where gentle and rich hills slope down from Mount Amiata towards the Maremma, “stenti” being the Italian word for hardships.
The family’s grandparents left a heritage which has grown over the years, patiently piecing together small plots of land rather than purchasing vineyards here and there. Carlo runs the estate which now embraces 30 hectares of land, occupied by vineyards, an olive grove and barley, spelt and wheat crops. The Pieri family personally breeds pigs and calves, using selected feeds produced on the farm to guarantee the correct feeding, wellbeing and hygiene of the animals. This wonderful, traditional Italian family has always greatly loved the land, and this family passion extends to Eleonora, the youngest of the Pieris. With her, an important direction towards sustainability has been taken, which has led Poggio Stenti’s vineyards and olive groves to be menage using completely organic techniques.

Our vineyard

Poggio Stenti vineyards, mainly Sangiovese and Vermentino grapes, are located on the hills in the heart of the production area of MONTECUCCO DOCG and MAREMMA TOSCANA DOC, high over the river Orcia and surrounded by Monte Amiata, an ancient volcano that gave this land its richness and strength.
The land reach is more than 5 hectares, with a high percentage of clay that provides good water storage during winter, so that the vineyards can have a sufficient water supply in summer, often dry, preventing vegetative strain and ensuring excellent phenolic ripening.
The strength of our territory, the Montecucco and the Upper Maremma Toscana Pedeamiatina, the clear influences of the mountains on the one hand, the sea and the coast on the other, contribute to give our wines character and personality and to create with them an indissoluble bond, renewed and enriched every year with new content.
All this represents the true essence of our terroir, today managed 100% organic.


Pian di Staffa

This is the most prestigious wine of Poggio Stenti and is named after the estate’s oldest vineyard. It is made from 100% Sangiovese grapes, harvested when the vine has reached the end of its vegetative cycle and has transferred all its potential to the fruit; it ferments and then ages for 30 months in large french oak barrels. Ageing continues for 12 months in the bottle.
Pian di Staffa has a ruby red colour with luminous garnet highlights and lively orangey hues. Complex and intriguing aromas, in which sweet and spicy notes of vanilla and cinnamon mix with scents of aromatic and balsamic herbs, on a base of fragrant and youthful ripe red fruit. Great gustative structure on the palate, with good acidity: important and persistent tannins convey personality and farsightedness to this wine.


The name tells of how hard it is to properly tend the vineyard. Made from 100% Sangiovese grapes, harvested in the second ten days of September, it is left to age in french oak barrels for 18 months.
Ageing continues for another 6 months in the bottle.
Tribulo is deep and bright ruby red in colour, with purple highlights. Warm notes of ripe fruit fill the nose, with evident perfumes of plum, blackberry and blueberry, accompanied by very slight ethereal scents and fresh spices, as green pepper, which result in a balance with the primary aromas, conveying complexity and elegance to the wine. Full-bodied sensations dominate in the mouth, integrated by soft, silky tannins and sustained by a good acid base that ensures gustative vivacity and longevity in the bottle.

Rosso Poggio Stenti


Rosato Poggio Stenti


Vermentino Poggio Stenti



The Butchers Shop close to Montalcino is in a busy spot in Sant’Angelo Scalo. It is a place where those with a passion for good food simply have to stop: excellent meat, typical and rare cured meats and sausages, all artisan products checked personally by Carlo; ammazzafegato [spiced sausage] and the most delicious salamis in a variety of shapes and sizes. However, it is the hams, the famous “prosciutti di Carlo”, well-seasoned and meticulously monitored, that are, according to many, the ‘strength’ of the shop, which has worked
since 1984 with constant respect for the founding aims of Carlo Pieri:
SHORT PRODUCTION CHAIN to offer customers only products of which he knows the complete history.
• GARANTEED QUALITY achieved only by respecting tradition with regard to raw materials and, at the same time, applying state-of-the-art production processes.
• TRACKING, animals bred personally and feeds cultivated on the estate are Carlo’s ‘winning card’.


Eleonora, the youngest of the Pieri family, has recently embarked on a new adventure, revaluating the tradition, interrupted in the sixteenth century, of saffron cultivation in Val d’Orcia. This precious spice is mainly used in the kitchen, but also for healing purposes, as it is rich in antioxidants.

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